One thing I just don’t get – Smoking

I just don’t get how, in this day and age, people still smoke. The bad effect it has on health is widely known, and it truly stuns me when I see people still choosing to smoke.

It’s the one thing that I truly disagree with, there’s no reason or excuse for it. Hooked or addicted or just wanting to do what you want, there’s no good reason to smoke.

In a recent article on BBC news it talks about the most recent campaign to put people off smoking:

Where it’s describes smoking as ‘rotting’ the body from the inside out. Good stuff. It does.


But smoking groups are saying that it’s a poisonous way to warn or shock people.

I’m sorry, but the actual poisons and toxins in cigarettes haven’t put people off, so perhaps this might? Or perhaps the numerous diseases related to smoking might put people off, but by then it might be too late:


I’m talking from experience, gratefully not my own.

My Granny smoked all her life, my Mum smoked at least 60 a day (passing on the smoke to her children), and my Aunt who recently passed away aged 67, smoked all her life.

Even Fit Girl’s parents were heavy smokers until her Mum was shocked a few years ago with breast cancer and a following stroke. Enough to scare both parents into giving up the fags, thankfully.

My Granny was an interesting one – at age 85 she decided it was important to give up smoking, having done it for over 65 years. She gave it up, and saved the money she would have spent on cigarettes into a jar. I’m not sure how much she saved, but she ended up getting cold after cold, then pneumonia, then she died aged 87.

So perhaps the fags were maybe doing her good – all the toxins, helping her fight off the bugs? Who knows, perhaps it was her time anyway, and 87 is a very good age to get to.

It’s not for me to pass opinions on other people’s lives, just as my granny said about me and my life before she passed. But come on, smoking? Really?


My aunt on the other hand, was not as lucky as my Granny. Her Mum (my Granny) died when my aunt was 55. She’d lived with my Granny for maybe 20 years, and they both happily smoked away. Even on a pension, fags were a comforting part of their lives.

About 5 years later, my aunt was out walking one day and she slipped and broke her femur. One of the biggest bones in our bodies, it would usually take 6-8 weeks to heal. But it just didn’t heal. Years went on, and it didn’t heal one bit.

Her age (60 then), her smoking and her drinking was against her. Smoking 60 a day isn’t conducive to your body being able to repair and she was left disabled. Unable to put weight on it. Specialist after specialist couldn’t fix her.

Then a few years ago aged about 65, she had a subarachnoid haemorrhage:


The aunt Sheila I knew was sadly gone forever, her body was still there, but not much else. She had a brain injury and whilst I could tell she was still there in some form or other when I visited her, it was hard to see her previously jokey and forthright personality not shining though anymore.

She spent the most of her final year and a half in hospital, bedridden. Her feet went black and her toes were taken off surgically. Yet, still when I visited her, she (almost unbelievably) pleaded with me to go and get her electronic cigarettes or ‘just a wee bottle of wine’ from Tesco before I went home.

She was still determined to smoke and drink her way to oblivion. It was all she had left. 😦

Did smoking (and drinking) contribute her her haemorrhage? To her gangrene toes? To her broken leg not healing? To her comparatively early (67) death? You betcha it did.

Was it nice for me to see her black gangrene toes, to see her in pain and discomfort? To see my aunt and her personality lost, forever? No it was not. It was horrible and I eventually couldn’t bare seeing her anymore. As much as I thought I should, I really don’t think I made much difference to her.

My aunt was left as a shell, slightly brain damaged, it was horrible to see. I could put pictures of gangrene feet, and body parts rotting in here, but I don’t think I need to.

Just know (and surely everyone knows) that smoking is bad, it’s stupid even.

If you choose to do it, you’re choosing to be unhealthy and you’ll probably get what’s coming to you.

Why would you choose some of the following? – gangrene toes having to be removed, subarachnoid haemorrhages, unhealed bones, breast cancer, strokes, not to mention the pain and upset you’ll put your close friends and family through… And those illnesses are just from two 65 year old women who smoke all of their lives).

Now, if you do smoke, it could be the best thing you choose to stop, ever.

Do it for you, do it for your family, it could be the most important thing you ever do.

If you want help or more reason to give up, read the two articles below:

Change you habits, wean yourself off them. Become a much healthier version of you. You can do it.

You don’t need any ad campaigns, you just need a good reason to get off them for good – choose health and longevity over an untimely and perhaps painful and early death.

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