Wk51 into Wk52

This last week has been good, a nice balance between activity and rest and work, time off and plenty of sleep.

Mon: 5M run
Tue: Deadlift Strength
Wed: 10M run
Thu: Rest (2M walk)
Fri: Rest
Sat: 30 min spin & 45 min Circuit strength
Sun: Run, including 25 mins of intervals.

I’ve been on holiday since Christmas Day and don’t go back until early next week, so I’ve been taking advantage and getting plenty of sleep – around 9-10 hours a night. It’s brilliant.

I’m at 997.1 miles run for the year, so tomorrow I should hit 1,000 miles, which will be good. 🙂

Now here’s the plan for next week, the last week of the year (maybe take me to around 1014 miles):

Mon 29: 8M easy run wi JA
Tue 30: 6M easy run wi Paul & Squat Strength
Wed 31: Rest
Thu 1: Deadlift Strength
Fri 2: Rest
Sat 3: Spin & Circuit / Gym Strength
Sun 4: Intervals Run
Mon 5: Run (or rest)

Here’s my new red running trainers if you didn’t see them on my Facebook page, oh and other news is, I’ve entered the 2015 Loch Ness Marathon which takes plane on 27th September, looking forward to it already. Yey!

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