Making the most of time

This last day in Glasgow has been a bit strange. After the lorry crash in George Square where 6 people died and more are injured, it’s an odd feeling to be looking forward to Christmas.

It’s probably the same sort of feeling I had when the Clutha happened last year, a sense of wonder, thinking how it could happen, and also relief that no one I know was involved, and thoughts for the casualties and families.

I went to work as normal this morning and did some work that needed sorted by today (which had been outstanding for a while).

This morning I took the chance that I might get to leave work early, and with sore legs I lay into 730, no weights workout. Now I’m at home, drinking coffee and getting fuelled up for a strength workout upstairs in the spare room before Fit Girl finishes.

One more day at work until I’m off for s long stretch for Christmas and new year. I wonder if the coffee etc before my workout will help? (Don’t usually have time before my 630am Workouts). Hope to be finished and sweaty by around about 4pm. 🙂

making the most of my time to get fit before I get to spend the evening with the Mrs.

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