Wee (cold) day in Edinburgh

We had a wee day off (work and training) today and decided to take a wee day trip to Edinburgh.

It was pretty chilly but the rain stayed off for most of the day when we were out and about.

It was pretty chilly though, lucky we were wrapped up well. We took Asda and Jasper with us for some funny pics (and their adventures).

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The day started off with a nice breakfast at home, then a coffee on the train, and a rainbow appeared as we were passing through bonnybridge. 🙂

Here’s me on market street just after we got there. We had signed up to go on the dungeon experience, which was a bit of a laugh. I bet the tourists love it.

Here is possibly one of the worst photos of me, ever. On the drop fall where you sit in a row of seats, get lifted up slowly, then dropped really quickly.

Here’s me after, no harm done. 😉

I had a rather tasty burger in Rosehip, with bacon and blue cheese and Fit Girl’s jalapeños on it. It was well tasty.

We walked around the markets, a bit in Princes Street Gardens and did a touch of shopping (when I got my Christmas jumper, reduced too! Two thirds off!).

We walked just over 7 miles and only got caught in the rain just close to home. A nice, fun and relaxing and sort of adventurous day. 🙂

New gym early tomorrow to burn off that burger n chips!

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