New Gym membership

Lucky us, on Thursday 18th December a new 24 hour ‘The Gym’ is opening up on our doorstep in Glasgow Springfield Quay.

It’s 2 minutes run away, and I just signed up today for £10.99 a month (no joining fee and at that price until it’s opening on Thursday). 🙂

Located on the third floor above the Alea casino, it’s a massive space with lots of machines and an impressive amount of weights too. And a good row of spin bikes I’ll use too.

A third of the price of Glasgow Club and much closer, looks like I’ll be getting rid of my Glasgow Club membership in favour of this (Fit Girl is too).

My here’s more about it here:

The 24 hour opening works in that you get a member code to access the gym, then you can use it any time of the day. I’d probably use it early in the mornings, or early weekend mornings with Fit Girl, and hopefully it won’t be too busy at those times.

🙂 It might get busy in January / February, and then after that I’m sure it’ll ease off. Better cancel / suspend my Glasgow Club membership now!

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