New books for me!

Here are some books I recently bought. The top two I have, and the other ones are being delivered by Santa.

I’ve already read this one, Small Move, Big Change, how to make small changes in your life to turn them into habits, eventually transforming your life. Worth a read.

This next one my Dad recommended after he sent me a few quotes from it, one of them being ‘many people hurt 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. They put their hand on the stove, and keep it there.’ He said he was proud I took my hand off the stove a long time ago. It’s a good little book anyway, and it’s been reprinted many many times.

One about nutrition, by Mark Sisson from Mark’s Daily Apple.

This next one I’m looking forward to, Matt Fitzgerald’s new one. I recommended it to my brother, who bought and read and enjoyed it. Basically, 80% of your runs should be easy, with 20% hard or with effort.

I’ve already read an older version of this. No doubt it’ll be similar stuff rewritten with some new stuff mixed in. But the previous book was good, so I’m looking forward to getting a peak at this.

Finally, this book, along with 80/20 was recommended in this months Runnersworld, top 5 books to buy. (I ordered it before I read the magazine). We’ll see what it has to say for itself. 🙂

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