Black Ice Friday

Damn Jack Frost! I’d arranged a run wi Eileen from work today, then this happened:

The weather said it’d be 2’C, 8mph winds with risk of ice. Yesterday was 3’C, 18mph and hailstones, and it was ok to run in, so I was hoping today would be too.

A look outside at iced over cars, and streets and finally a check of Facebook, and I ended up texting Eileen and standing her up. 😦

See the posts from Facebook (how helpful is Facebook sometimes?)

Sandra (above) is in Edinburgh, is an amazing runner, and runs early most days. If Sandra ain’t running there’s something up (like bad ice or injury), so I thought I could take her word for it, but she lives in Edinburgh, so maybe it’d be ok in the ‘warmer west’.

No such luck, Leanne is just around the corner:

Then Helen had already been out but needed tracking / micro spikes.

3 words: not worth it. We could maybe run at lunchtime, but sometimes there’s no time in the day and you’re better off just doing it another day.

I’ll have a rest day and go out for dinner tonight, then train Saturday Sunday.

Mon: 4.4M run
Tue: Squat Strength & Walk
Wed: Rest
Thu: 9.25M run
Fri: Rest
Sat: Deadlift Strength
Sun: 4-6M Run

Ps: it’s Christmas jumper Friday, will you be wearing yours? 😉

Pps: Thanks for the updates girls.

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