Do you really want to drink that?

I was recently reading about aspartame and why it’s so bad. I’ve written about aspartame and diet coke before after reading ‘Skinny Bitch’… See here:

In the latest book I’ve been reading Cut the Crap by Deborah Morgan (more about that later), she suggests we cut back or eliminate a lot from out diet. But diet fizzy drinks or aspartame is the only thing she suggests we MUST cut out.

Chemical, nasty, disastrous effects on the body. And real coke isn’t great either. Sure it’s got the real stuff in it, but each can has 40g of sugar. If you have 4 a day, 7 days a week, that’s over a kilo of liquid sugar or around 4000 calories a week. Never mind the acid and what ever other ingredients they use to make it up.

So what’s better than coke, diet coke or fizzy drinks? The obvious answer is water. I carry a bottle with me and drink and refill it throughout the day. Our bodies are made up of around 2 thirds water, many of our organs rely on water.

But what if you don’t like water?

My advice would be to maybe flavour it with cucumber, lemon, Apple or strawberries. Use real fruit to infuse the water. And make sure you drink it chilled (rotate bottles in a fridge). Easy.

Then there’s diluting juice…

No added sugar… woop dee do .. Have you seen what’s in it??!

Acidity regulator
Vitamin c

I’m not going to spell out the long chemical names, but look at them!!! And warning… It contains ‘sulphur dioxide’. Is this a chemical mixture / cleaning product, or something we’re meant to drink?

Be safe, stick to drinking water. Your body will thank you.

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