1 hour 20 on the dreadmill :-O

With the combination of potentially cold, wet or maybe icy weather and my cold not having shifted totally, I figured a run on a treadmill might help me get sone easy miles in, and allow me to come off at any point if I didn’t feel right.

And as if by magic, last night, this article on greatist popped up: Reasons treadmills don’t suck.


I realised last night too that I haven’t actually run on a treadmill since I got my new Garmin, so I’ve hardly run on a treadmill all year!

Anyway, after today’s jaunt on a treadmill, I’m saying they do suck, but they do have their place. And some positives came from today’s run.

So here they are. All lined up. I chose one at the top, a few treadmills away from the top where a skinny man was running fast on his treadmill. I got on, put my music in loud and started running.

Trying to keep my heart rate to 150 was much harder than running outside. It kept creeping up and up, so I was adjusting the speed, down and down to balance it out.

It meant I seemed to be running a lot slower than I would outside, but perhaps that’s because I’m used to running in cold air?? I ended up doing 8.25M in about 1:20, which is usually do about 5 minutes faster outside, but I’m not really bothered. I just know I ran consistently for 80 mins.

My cadence was all over the shop too. Usually around 174-176, it kept slipping to about 165, so my natural running style was obviously being affected by being pulled along on the treadmill. I kept having to try to increase my stride rate, and it all just didn’t feel quite right being tied to (speed of the) the belt (so to speak).

One good thing is that I am able to kind of shut off and just keep running. I set myself a target and just do it. If it’s getting hard I slow down do it gets easier. My goal today was to run on the treadmill until Fit a Girl was finished her workout. And I did.

1 hour 20 on the dreadmill. :-/
Avg HR 153
Avg Cadence 173

After 30 minutes I started losing the will to live / run, after a man got on the treadmill beside me and started walking up hill, HOLDING ON. Arg. I was SO tempted to ask him if he walks like that outside, but I refrained and tried to block him out.

My music wasn’t doing anything for me, so I plugged into the news instead which took my mind off the rest of the run.

Then, to my surprise, my good friend Julie Ann came by to speak to me. One of my friends on reception had told JA I was up in the gym so she came up to see me. It’s near the end of my run, and as we chatted away (her standing on the treadmill next to me) … the time and miles just zipped by.

When we were leaving to go to the car, it was raining, so I found myself spring the the car. It was stupid just how FREE I felt. Natural and fast as fck. Legs doing what felt right, not being dragged along by a belt.

Anyway, here’s a rather dodgy picture of me at the end. (I didn’t feel as wiped out as I look there, honestly)!

So here are my pros and cons of treadmill running:


1. If you’re injured, unwell or needing to cut your run short for whatever reason, you have the option to come off it and you’ll be right where you started. (This works for my brother when he’s ‘on call’ for example).

2. You can play your music really loud.

3. You can watch telly whilst burning off calories / running.

4. You can meet friends (you maybe didn’t expect to). If I’d have been out on a run, there’s no way I would have met Ja, but because I was running in the same spot, she found me easily. Lol.

5. You can do various workouts which are pre programmed into the treadmill (intervals or hills etc).

6. You can have your water bottle, let’s, phone, towel etc with you.

7. You don’t need to layer up and can wear shorts n vest.

8. If it’s icy, you might be safer on the treadmill.

Here are my cons:

1. It’s BORING!

2. You’re tied to a more or less constant speed and incline (not like outside where you speed up, slow down naturally, and where hills let you power up them or fly down them).

3. You run in one place….

4. Stupid (or smelly) people around you holding onto treadmills whilst walking up hills!! (Aaaaaarrrrgggg!)

5. It’s really BORING.

6. Your natural running style (cadence etc) is restricted / prevented by being pulled along by the belt.

7. You only get to see / smell / hear the inside of the gym – feet clattering on a treadmill behind you (the man trying to run far too fast because he thinks he can / should be). (Running outside you see the sun, Sky, grass etc, hear the birds, smell the traffic, I mean trees). 😉

8. You can get distracted and fall off.

9. You end up hot and sweaty!

10. It’s really really really BORING.

That’ll do. I managed to scrape 10 cons together (might have cheated a bit, lol).

I’d much rather run outside. (Just Incase you hadn’t gathered that). 😉

8.25M run today = 53 miles to go to 1,000 miles for 2014. 25 days to go.

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4 Responses to 1 hour 20 on the dreadmill :-O

  1. Mags says:

    Hi. I’m a relatively new follower of your blog and I wondered if you’d share details of the tech you use for indoor runs. What do you use that captures distance run, heart rate and cadence on a treadmill? I have a Garmin Forerunner, but have no clue how to make it work indoors, plus it doesn’t measure cadence (I don’t think…) Apologies if you’ve already covered this in earlier posts. Good blog, by the way.

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