How many miles will you run this year?

At the start of the year, I gave myself a target of running 1,250 miles running in 2014.

Garmin Connect has a simple goal function and a Report function which you can use to check your totals. So I use that to keep a track.

After a good start to the year with the build up to the Belfast Marathon in May and the Skye Half Marathon in June, an average of about 100 miles per month, I was on track to run over 1,200 miles this year.

In July I kept up my average mileage, then in August the wheels feel off. No events to train for and what I think was a sort of viral infection led me to run one of my lowest mileage of the year so far.

September was a lot of travel and the wedding, October was our holiday to San Diego – just 32 miles run across 6 runs in the 2 weeks we were back home.

November picked up a bit, but still just 12 runs / 70 miles. I’ve changed my goal from 1250 miles to 1,000 miles running, and if I keep on at it, I should make it hopefully.

Now I’m at the 4th December, with 27 days left in 2014, and I’ve run 939 miles. Just 61 to go to reach 1,000 miles.

Do you know, I think I might just be able to do it. Here’s the plan:

1 Dec – 16M
Wed: 4M easy

Fri: 5M easy
Sun: 7M easy

8 Dec – 14M

15 Dec – 17M

22 Dec – 14M

29 Dec – 3M

64 miles or there abouts. I might need to stop and rest until the end of the year when I get to 1,000 miles. 😉

How many miles will you run this year?

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