Wk47 into Wk48 – no one likes a greeter

Usually at this time of the week I’d look at what training I’ve done and get a plan together for the following week. But my bugs are continuing, and I don’t know for how long, so there’s no point in making any plans until I feel better.

There’s a funny thing my brother Ewen always says to his kids, that seems to work:

> ‘No one likes a greeter’.

In other words, no one likes someone who moans all the time or cries all the time.

Although I’ve been feeling like snotters for 6 days now, I’ve been trying not to post about it on here or on Facebook.

There’s the other saying,

> ‘if you’ve not got anything nice to say, don’t say anything’.

It’s easy to feel sorry for yourself, when really I know what I should be doing:

1. Medicating: switching between cold and flu pills and lemsip (paracetamol, phenylephrine and caffeine).

2. Resting: getting plenty sleep and rest.

3. Hydrating: drinking lots of water.

4. Eating well: healthy tasty foods with loads of nutrition.

5. Blowing: all of the gunk out (using balsam tissues).

I felt crappy on Friday, then spent most of Saturday and Sunday in bed. I tried to force myself out but still gravitated back to home comforts. Now day 6 and I feel just as as as I did on Saturday. I’m hoping I’ll be better soon, but who knows.

That’s all I’m saying about it. No more descriptions or complaining, focus on getting better and that’s it. 🙂

I had a really good sleep Saturday into Sunday (11.5 hrs plus a 2 hr nap), but Sunday into Monday wasn’t so good. 4 hours, then unable to sleep, then 3 hours. Luckily I’m off work (on leave), so I’m going to get some more sleep before getting up.

And last week before the snotters took hold I did a good 5 miler on Tuesday morning and a little bit of a harder 10k on Thursday (once the bugs were truly in my system). I decided it was time to back off and rest, which I’ve done.

The plan for when I start back exercising is to alternate strength training with running again and build up both (like I was doing for a bit in November).

Perhaps I’ll try a wee run on Thursday and Saturday, see how I feel. Then get back into proper training again the following week (wc 8th Dec). Nothing concrete yet though, I just need to be patient and wait for the bugs to go.

Finally, I got this today from someone. The only way I think I can do this today is by doing the ironing and putting up done more christmas decs AND making the dinner before Fit Girl comes home from work.

Can you do it today? – Be a rainbow in someone’s cloud? (Maybe I’m the cloud? Lol)

I’m away for an extra sleep. Night night.

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1 Response to Wk47 into Wk48 – no one likes a greeter

  1. Sandra says:

    Moan away, I’m worst patient ever and never stop when I’m ill. Your body is clearly still in depletion, hope you get well soon x

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