Different tact

So this all started on Tuesday morning, a little tickle of a sore throat / up at the top of the back of my nose. My boss had a bad cold for a week, and I tried to stay away from her at work, but clearly didn’t stay far enough away.

I went a run on Tuesday morning and the tickle seemed to disappear for the day, then on Wednesday it was back with a vengeance, and I saw day 1 of my cold. I had two days work left, so I started ploughing in the cold and flu remedies at safe and regular intervals. I felt ok and work was probably taking my mind off any bugs. I tried to eat and drink a lot to hopefully feed it away.

I ditched squat strength on Wednesday but tried a 10k run on Thursday. I felt fine doing it, but knew I was working harder than normal. I’ve read that if the cold is above your neck it’s ok to run, and as long as you take it easy, it’s actually beneficial as you create some natural decongestant. Not sure how true that is but I felt ok on Thursday.

Then on Friday we had a day off work, Andy decided I’d ditch the decongestant that seemed to be making me feel s but sick. I was taking paracetamol, but then didn’t take that regularly. We had a day trip to the Kelpies then ended up Christmas shopping. As the day went on I felt worse and worse before eventually opting for a lemsip and an early night.

My eyes were wearing, my face was sore and all clogged up. I was not a happy bunny and was feeling very sorry for myself. No Cape, no self belief, no medicine, just snotters and pathetic-ness!

Now, day 4 and I’ve decided I’m back on the drugs today. Every 4 hours, paracetamol, caffeine and the magic decongestant phenylephrine. I really hate being unwell, or suck with a cold and anything I can do to make the symptoms go away I will.

Today, Saturday I was meant to be doing a long run with Julie Ann. Had it planned for weeks and had built my running up towards it. I canceled it as I’m really not up to it, and don’t want to push my body when I’m feeling like this. So I just need to wait until I get better and take it from there.

The different tact I’m going to take is to take it very easy and take the pills regularly. Get the medicine to help clear this away. And I’m going to take some time out to wrap the Christmas presents I’ve already got and have a think about what others I’m going to get. Decs go up this weekend too. 😃

I leave you with my resting heart rate… It has been as low as 43, but just now it’s up there at 61-65 as I’m clearly fighting this off. I have leave on Monday again so hopefully I’ll be feeling better by then. We’ll see.

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