Elite athlete??

It’s funny how people perceive and describe you sometimes. Sometimes people can overwhelm you with how they describe you, using words you’d never think to use to describe yourself. Or words you’d think weren’t really quite right to describe you.

Tonight at the work dinner table, I was being described by my lovely colleague Annie, to some people who didn’t know me.

The description kind of surprised me, and almost made me feel like shrivelling up… a little bit embarrassed … (or very flattered probably better describes how it made me feel.)

Tonight Annie said:

‘Lorn is an elite athlete, she runs lots and runs ultra marathons’.

I sat there thinking, me? And elite athlete? Aye right. I suppose I have run ultras, and marathons, and I do run a lot. I’m fit, but I’m not elite. Am I even an athlete? I’m not so sure about that.

Right now I feel more like someone who’s trying so hard to get a balance and be well. Trying to get my strength training, running and rest right. Taking things week by week, day by day and wanting things to go right like they seemed to do before.

Trying to get enough sleep, trying to get a balance between work rest and play. With a silent internal struggle that probably doesn’t really need to be there.

Nevertheless, it seems to be how Annie sees me, and it’s great to be described that way. And now the two women she was talking to maybe think I’m an elite athlete too! 😉

Maybe it’s time I started believing it too?
(even if I’m not elite or competing?).

You never know what might happen when you believe!

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