Something magic is missing…

I feel a little off, a little like I’m not quite myself. Like I’ve lost my mojo, and I’m finding it hard to get back on track. I’m trying, but it’s weird, I don’t feel quite right. And I’m not sure why. ?

I’m not sure what it is –

1. Perhaps a mixture of getting over what might have been a viral infection, way back in August. Sickness and sore throat, (but not bad enough to be sick off work.)

2. Then I had the challenge of dressing up like a girl, and partying and traveling three weekends in a row for a lovely wedding which I was very proud to be a part of. Heels, dress and even false eye lashes!

3. Then we were on holiday, so took some time out of training to have fun away. A nice restful time away, which was full of adventure and relaxation.

3. Then I came back and ran a lot, too much in one week, or so my hip flexor protested – leading to a week of rest. :-/

4. Then, after an easyish week, I fainted and hit my head, bump on head and another week of rest. (Blood tests came back ok, it’s just low blood pressure – but I felt odd for about 2 weeks as it all cleared up).

5. Then my aunt passed away and it was her funeral and the challenging time and journey that came with that.

6. Now, that’s all over, I’m steadily creeping back into my second week of training, and I’m sore, dead sore DOMS. :-/ 3 days of DOMS last week after strength training, 4 days this week. Sore legs, forcing me to rest.

I’m trying to take it easy, lighter than normal weights, shorter than normal runs, but I still had really sore legs last week and this. I just want to be back to normal! I’m eating well and drinking well, and I’m trying to get the magic back.

I’m sticking with it, taking rest when I need it and taking it easy in the build up.

It’s funny how it seems to knock on to other things in life too. I feel like I’m missing something. Like there’s a gap, and I think it’s running or training that’s been missing. Something magic is missing.

It’s knocking onto the rest of my life, how I feel, how I’m at work, at home, with others and on my own.

It’s knocking onto my sleep, which is knocking onto me being able to train regularly in the mornings when I want to train. And that’s knocking back into how I feel. Aaaaarrrggg! It’s all very odd, however when I do train, I feel great during and after I train.

And in the back of my mind I’m still trying to be careful to take it easy and take care of myself too. Then maybe I think, maybe it’s running that takes care of me?

Tonight I looked at my running mileage totals for this year and last:

This year: 2014

Last year: 2013

For one reason or another I’ve run a lot less this year, especially since August this year.

Some of it was down to me coaching a lot more last year, and at the start of this year, but these last few months it’s tapered off (where as this time last year I’d just run my best marathon in September.)

Maybe it’s running that I’m missing?

(ps: I’m hoping I’m still on track to get 1,000 miles this year).

Bit by bit I’ll build my running back up and maybe aim for an event in Spring or Summer of 2015.

And to be careful and reduce my DOMS during my winter strength training, in going to reduce my weights slightly and aim to build up to 2-3 strength sessions a week (plus about 3 short easy runs).

See if I can get my cape back on, and fly. 😉

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