Time to…

Time to chill, smile and enjoy life.
Forget about the past, and look to the future.
Not giving in to the past trying to haunt me.
Going to be strong, take control and be happy. 

Forget the hurt, the monsters, the lies and the pain.
Forget the tears, and the longing for a normal home and life.
Think of all the good things in life.
The things that make us smile and laugh. 

Remember the good, and forget the bad.
Forget the past, and move on to a brighter future.
Time to be strong, and don’t give in to the demons.
Close off what you don’t need, and lean on those you can.

Don’t be afraid of the dark, look up to the stars.
Don’t be sad when it rains, look out for rainbows.
The sun in the sky, the wind in your face.
Embrace it all and fly – look up, no more rain. 

Don’t overthink things, keep life simple.
Realise how many people care about you,
Do your best and do them proud.
Time to be strong, look up to the sky and smile.

Hold onto to the things that were good and lovely and true.
And if there are things to leave in the past,
let’s leave them there and let them go.
Time to move on, be happy, smile and enjoy life.


sam 1301


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