Garmin coach recovery time

The saying goes ‘listen to your body’ – and I usually do.

I like my rest, and I know how important it is, but sometimes guilt or other things get in the way and you run or swim when you’d be better off resting.

In my experience, if you train for marathons though, rest needs to be part of the plan, or you’re likely to break.

The Garmin 620s have a clever little calculator that works out and suggests how long you should recover for after an activity – the Recovery Advisor.

I don’t really use it that much, but it’s been good to give me an idea of how long I should recover for. It’s ranged from 0 hours to 72 hours for me, if j remember rightly.

The recovery advisor looks at the intensity and duration of your activity, and ties it in with previous activities, to suggest a recovery time.

Yesterday after my 5k run, and after I’d fine 40 minutes of weights, at about 2pm, it suggested I recover for 24 hours. So, that I’m doing. A nice wee lie in and read until I need to get up for work, then a nice run with Fit Girl tonight.

Here’s my plan for this week, (all runs easy):

Mon: 4M run
Tue: 4.3M run
Wed: Strength Training
Thu: 8M run
Fri: Strength Training
Sat: 5M run wi Fit Girl
Sun: Rest

I might try and fit in a swim at some point, but I’ll see. 🙂 This week I’ll be paying a bit more attention to my Garmin Recovery Advisor, and see if it leads to a change in my training / recovery at all.

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