Every team needs a…

A few months back I wrote a post about ‘What do people think of you?’ https://lornpearsontrains.co.uk/2014/09/18/what-do-people-think-of-you/ Talking about the appraisals process in my work.

This year, it was all very positive, from others I was described as being ‘calm’, I ‘instill calm’, ‘a good team player’, ‘efficient’, ‘proactive’, and that they’d ‘love to have lorn in a crisis with me.’ And ‘if I had anyone back me up, it’d be Lorn’.

…and with a good boss, I was thanked for my hard work, and asked to keep it up. 🙂 good stuff. Nice to be recognised.

The last line which was written about me (by my boss), might just turn into a work mantra for me:

> ‘Every team needs a ‘Lorn’.’

How nice?! 🙂 It might just help me keep my cape on at work, and help me fly like I like to.

So when times are tough. Or I’m up against it in one way or another, I’ll remind me of the words said about me by my colleagues and my boss, and I’ll remind myself that every team needs a ‘Lorn’. 😉

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