Wk42 into Wk43

Day 7 of rest, and it’s been good. I’ve had plenty sleep since Monday, 8.5-9.5 hours per night. And haven’t missed running etc too much.

I’ve been keeping an eye on my blood pressure and it seems to be fine too, around 110/70 or 100/70 – normal for me.

I’ve had no dizzy spells, although I have been looking out for them, and all in all I’m feeling good (except for being asked at work if I’m eating enough etc – they care, I show them pics of what I’ve eaten. Lol).

Monday was a good day, as good as a funeral can be. Everyone, seemed to be behind me to get me there, and for every thing to go well. I live that place (Lochaline) and the way there, but I think it’ll be a every long time before I’m back there.

I’m so grateful for all the help I had, from Fit Girl, to my friend Rhona, to the couple who took me in for free in the bunkhouse / B&B at Achintee farm. And not to mention all of the friends, colleagues and people who know me who were sending me positive vibes and good wishes and thoughts all day.

Today, Saturday, is going to be a nice day with Fit Girl. Breakfast at Epicures on Hyndland Road, (since we didn’t make it last Saturday). Then a walk in the west end and maybe some shopping and some dinner / coffee later.

Sunday I’m running with my brother again. A slower one this time, around 6 miles in an hour fingers crossed.

Then on Monday I’ve got an appointment with my GP who in hoping will give me the all clear. I honestly feel fine after Saturday, no Ill effects other than those you can see on my eye.

So here’s the plan for next week (even though I had a dream that I was going to WALES on Thursday, with work – I’m not):

Sun: Easy 6 mile run
Mon: Easy 3 mile run (if sun went ok)
Tue: Rest / Travel to Edinburgh
Wed: Strength (PM maybe swim)
Thu: Easy 4 mile run
Fri: Strength
Sat: Run wi Fit Girl (or rest)
Sun: Rest (or run)

It’s all a bit up in the air, but I’ll build my runs up slowly and take them easy, and aim for 2 strength sessions, light weights to get into it.

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