My aunt is having a laugh

So I get home tonight to some not do good news. The road, the A82 from Onich to Fort William is closed due to a landslide. The road I need to take, to get to the Corran Ferry and then onto Lochaline for my aunts funeral at 2pm on Monday.

Weather warnings issued, the weather isn’t going to be nice. I’m almost thinking someone is telling me not to go! Lol

Lochaline is just near Kirsteen’s eat, under the weather warning sign and heavy rain.

I’ll get up early tomorrow and see if there’s an update, otherwise it’s a big long detour for me x2.

On another more positive note, this morning I got in touch with the minister who is doing my aunts service, and I told him everything I know about her. It sounds like he didn’t hear from any of the rest of my family, so I’m glad I’ve been able to help inform him. He also has my poem which he’ll be reading out.

I have a feeling my sung would be laughing a lot at this situation with the road closures and weather. Lol. Best get to bed.

Ps: 7 more swimming lessons to go, then I’m finished!

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