A swim and some Pool rage

Oops. I upset someone today. This morning before 7am! I made him really really angry. And maybe even ruined his day. All in a wee spot of pool rage very early in the morning at Bellahouston.

The ‘fast’ lane was busy, with around 6 people, 4 guys, 2 women. I always get in at the deep end of the pool so that I’m just swimming and not stopping (or chatting) in the shallow end.

Swimming away, I caught up with some people a few times, and sometimes one or two people caught up with me. When this happened, I was aware, stopped at the end, and let them pass.

Swimming in lanes is a bit like driving. You need to be aware of those around you, if there’s restricted space, you can let others know you’re there (tapping on toes), and if other swimmers are catching up with you, it’s best practice to move over and let them get on their way.

I’ve written about ‘Pool ettiquette’ before here: https://lornpearsontrains.co.uk/2011/09/22/pool-etiquette/

Anyway, so I was swimming away, and as I got towards the shallow end I started to catch up with a swimmer and could see bubbles from his feet. Not quite close enough to tap his feet to let him know I was there, I slowed a bit. But not fast enough.

He slowed right down and his legs spread a little, more like breast stroke than front crawl. And as a result I caught his leg with my arm. Because he’d taken up so much room stopping, there wasn’t room to turn.

So I stood up, turned and got back on with my swim. (This may have looked like I was angry, but there’s imply wasn’t room to turn, so I stood and got on with it). Then about half way down the lane I noticed someone touching my leg, then he yanked on my leg.

I stood up and he said:
‘When you see bubbles, you’re meant to back off’.

I’d obviously upset him. Oops. 😉

I didn’t reply and just let him get on with it. I swam to the the end, and there he said something else in a rage. It really wasn’t worth fighting over on a Wednesday morning!

I could have said, ‘Actually, bubbles mean I’m catching up with you, and you should be aware of who’s around you, and catching up with you, and let faster swimmers past you’.

But I didn’t want to prod a monster, so just left him to his rather angry early morning swim. If I was proved wrong, I wouldn’t even mind, but he seemed very adamant to make his point. And seemed very angry indeed.

I think I might just have ruined his day! Lol.

Swimming a should be relaxing, calming and enjoyable. But it maybe just ruined his day. Hey ho.

I might try another swim tomorrow morning, see if I can do it without upsetting someone. Lol.

2000m in 42:29, a bit slower than normal, but then I’ve not had pool rage inflicted on me before. 😉

Here’s what I did anyway:

250m FC swim
250m FC arms only
5 x 100m FC swim
750m FC arms only / swim / arms only by 250m
250m FC swim

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