Sunday food prep

Last week was a 2 day week at work, and as a result I wasn’t to organised food wise. I found I was hungry most of the time, and craving food / sugar later on in the day.

I ate good breakfasts and lunches, but they weren’t enough. But I really think I need to EAT MORE and eat well too.

Today I was off swimming teaching (training day / holiday from learn to swim), and I spent the day with Fit Girl, reading and in the last hour or so prepping food.

People have asked me what I’ll do when I don’t have swimming teaching every Sunday, now I know. Probably, rest, recover, read, spend time with Fit Girl and prep food for the next week.

Here are my lunches for next week. Chicken, chilli, salad bowls with grapes, sesame seeds and extra virgin olive oil. 🙂

I’ve prepped some snacks too, and will start the day with water, a swim and a breakfast of eggs and berries. 🙂

I’m still off the coffee (green tea when I was out today, strawberry smoothie yesterday), and I’m still off running. My leg / hip flexor still isn’t right, so I’ll stay off running at least until Thursday, if not a little longer.

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