Wk40 into Wk41 – Too much too soon

Hands up. I made a rookie mistake. Too much too soon after no training for a few weeks.

Doh. Sometimes it’s easy to forget you’re not a super human. 😉

My runs were going ok this week, unusually sore calves on Tuesday morning after my 6 mile easy run on Monday. So rest day Tuesday.

Then Wednesday a few easy runs, totalling 10 miles and a 4 mile run on Thursday. A rest day on Friday meant I’d done 4 runs in 5 days. I felt ok on the runs, but had clearly lost some level of fitness.

Then Saturday I couldn’t miss the opportunity to do a longish run with my brother Ewen. And about 6 miles in I started to feel a niggle in my right hip flexor. I can run through niggles, so I kept going. Problem was it turned into a pain. I can run through pain too. I know I shouldn’t, but I did.

So now my right hip flexor is sore and in need of some rest. With the Southside 6 in 2 weeks time, 15.4 miles, it’s not ideal. I’ll just need to take done rest from running and see how it goes.

Despite the pain today, it was a good hard run. I pushed myself more than I normally would and got a 5.0 Garmin training effect. HR was 158 on average.

I’ll take some rest from running at the start of next week, and instead get into other stuff like swimming and a bit of strength work.

Sun: Rest (or Strength)
Mon: Swim
Tue: Strength
Wed: Swim
Thu AM: 4M easy Run PM: 4M easy if ok
Fri: Swim (or Strength)
Sat: Long Run 8-10M
Sun: Rest

If it’s not right on Thursday and into the weekend I’ll probably need to seriously reconsider my entry into the SS6 and maybe give it up. I’m not up for running 15.4 miles if I haven’t trained for it and I’m either injured or not ready. It’s just not worth it.

We’ll see how it goes. 🙂

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