10 days of food in San Deigo

Here are my food pictures from San Diego… pancakes, berries, pizzas, burger, steak, chicken salad, soup, fajitas, a few smoothies, a few iced coffees and quite a few ice creams (but not as many as I’d expected… I may have been very well behaved – or full on burgers, iced coffee and pizzas).

Blueberry Pancakes… 🙂


Tastiest Burger EVER and truffle fries….

ang again (yes it was rare)

Ice cream number 1

French Toast… in the Mission Bay Cafe

Meatball soup (to power me on the cycle day)

It was a roasting day and I was struggling a bit by the end of the rather big meaty bowl… 😉

At the end of the 34 mile cycle – in Mission Bay – Millers Field, watching football…

…eating a pizza…

….a very tasty pizza…

…and drinking real coke… :-O

A rather large and tasty chicken salad

At Ghiradelli’s….

…ice cream number 2… only one scoop!

… think it was coffee flavoured and choc chip…

breakfast of pancakes, berries and bananas (buffet)…

Hot day – fruit smoothie….

a rather nasty hot dog on the USS Midway

Iced coffee and greek yoghurt with berries and granola in starbucks.

The obligatory chinese meal…. (Fit Girl can’t resist)…

Breakfast yoghurt, banana and berries….

Ice cream number 4 – a rather lame number… a small manufactured snickers one….

Jasper liked it anyway

Burger with a peanut butter layer and sweet potato chips at Brian’s 24 restuarant (surprisingly tasty – the menu said – ‘Don’t be afraid – it’s really nice’…and it was).

Yep…(plus a massive knife).

Meat Pizza in an italian – nice thin base

Hard Rock Cafe….

…where i had some good chicken fajita’s

Ice cream number 4… (I shared this one, honestly)…

Ice cream number 5… hot day at the zoo….

I don’t think I shared this one…

Rare flat Iron steak and very tasty fries…

A wee Strawberry and cream man the chef at the Hilton made us on our last day. 😉

Nice and simple bars – one apple and 20 blueberries

Chocolate Milk for the Mrs, Fruit Smoothie (Strawberry and banana) for me

Last meal….in a sports bar – not the best choice – the biggest Chicken salad I’ve ever seen…chicken with black beans… and onions…. far too big a portion.

Just before the flight topping up before a very long long journey home.

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