Maintenance through walking

So we’ve been away for 10 days, our time consisted of: one long bike ride, a short swim, a city tour, a train journey to a big shopping mall, and lots and lots of walking. Oh and we got lots of sleep, between 8-12 hours a night!

It was a nice and relaxing holiday (I’ll post a picture from each day soon)… but here’s what I did:

Cycle: 34 miles around Mission Bay & Dog Beach
Walking: around 54 miles in total.
Swimming: a few lengths, more resting than anything.
Running: NONE! 🙂

We went to sight see and eat really, and sight see and eat we did. Along the harbour front, at balboa park, at mission bay.

Anyway, I had been weighing myself daily for a few months, and I stepped on the scale today (after 10 days of eating lots, sleeping lots and walking lots)… and the same as previous years, not much increase! 🙂

127 lbs still and a slight increase in body fat. But probably just maintaining. Just shows you what a lot if walking can do. 🙂

Here’s the weight graph:

Last night I had around 11 hours sleep and need to get back into the routine and get rid of any jet lag. I couldn’t get up this morning so I’ll need to sort that before going back to work on Thursday.

Next up for me is the Southside 6 and training for that, and then there’s 8 weeks training time before Christmas, which I have plans for.

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