Nice doing not a lot

Shhhh don’t tell anyone, but sometimes it’s nice doing not a lot for once. No training, no having to be here or there. Last minute changes in plans because the weather is due to be better tomorrow.

We’ve had a nice complimentary breakfast and now km watching the work go by from out hotel room. The clear sunny skies have been replaced by low clouds as Tropical Storm ‘Simon’ is on it’s way. (It’s still going to be up to 28’C, roasts toasty).

I haven’t run since September, and even the. I was just getting back into it after a viral infection. By the time we’re back it’ll be around two weeks off running / exercise. I’m looking forward to starting it all up again when we’re back (perhaps I shouldn’t have taken my running trainers here after all!) 🙂

Anyway, here are some thoughts for today for you:

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