50 random surprise songs

Nightmare. Waiting in Heathrow Terminal 5, ahead of our 12 hour flight. I get my iPod nano out…

… only to find it’s blank. 😦 I synced it yesterday and added some ‘Corries’ songs on it. Seems my nano didn’t like them, and wiped it without me realising! 😦 I wanted to use it on the plane and if I went for a run on my own. 😦

So I went to Dixons and asked if they could sync some songs, any songs, onto my nano. The first lot that came up on a Mac were 50s hits… No thanks. Then we came across 50 random and thankfully up to date songs from Foo Fighters to Sara Bareles to Michael Jackson. Phew.

Looks like they’ll be my theme tune for these holiday, perhaps. Hopefully there won’t be too many dodgy surprises. 😉

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