My VO2 max estimate: 52

My clever little Garmin 620 estimates my VO2 max based on my heart rate and other measures… This week it’s showing as 52.

That’s 3 points lower than in May before the Belfast marathon when it was 55, and I was fit as …. after the marathon my VO2 max dropped slightly, and after my 12 second PB half marathon at the end of June it dropped again.

July and August saw me full of something like a viral infection, and about 4 weeks of reduced training. Down to 49. I wasn’t feeling my best.

After some rest, it’s now on it away back up to 52. Feeling ok (apart from the snotters which seem to have subsided today).

52 is pretty high for my age / gender/ At the top of the purple zone.

I wonder what a bit more rest on holiday, then some good training in October, November and December will result in? 😉

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