Disconnecting and switching off

I finished up work on Friday for about 2.5 weeks of leave. I feel a bit strange, and now that our holidays are finally here, I really want to take advantage and get a bit of us time away from it all. The trip to San Diego will help this, but I need to choose to do a few other things too.

I’ve been reading the book Small Move Big Change, and it suggests we have 1-2 microresolutions at a time, which we use to change our habits, and improve ourselves.

The big ones for me to improve upon are Sleep, Facebook use, Eating well Exercising regularly and a couple of others I’ll keep to myself.

The idea is you pick 1-2 things you want to change about yourself, and you work on changing them slightly and create new habits so that the new ways become automatic and a part of who you are.

You note down a few things you’ll do to change, and you write down a phrase that you’ll use to persuade you to keep doing it (see the italics below).

One thing I’ve noticed about myself in the last few years is that I sometimes find it hard to switch off. Always thinking about this or that, and always thinking of my next project or thinking about work, how to improve myself or help others.

That’s why I’m going to use these holidays to disconnect a little. Disconnect from the digital and social world of Facebook, and spend time in the moment with people instead.

Facebook is a bad habit I’ve got into, constantly checking it out of habit but not actually getting much from it. I know it’s an issue, but I still do it – daily.

Recently especially I’ve noticed Facebook is full of people forcing their political (and other) opinions in your face, yes or no, I don’t really care. It’s a good way to keep in touch, but really I don’t need it.

I voted and have my reasons to vote that way, but I don’t need to post 40 links and posts in 24 hours to get my political opinions across. I’ve un friended and unfollowed quite a few people who I are posting stuff that I simply don’t want to see.

So here’s what I’ve been trying to do with Facebook:

FACEBOOK – limit
– No use of Facebook on phone / delete app.
– Only at breakfast or on computer.
– Once a day max (or less).
– On holiday, disconnect from personal Facebook page, only post to blog if you want.

‘You don’t need Facebook to keep in touch – stop wasting your time on it. Spend time with people instead.’

I’ve slowly changed the way I interact on Facebook, and have hidden people and stuff I don’t want to see, but I’m going to take the opportunity of being on holiday to totally disconnect from my personal Facebook page. Starting today.

It’ll be easy when I’m away in the US as I won’t have access, and if people want to get in touch with me they can message me through it as I’ll still use messenger.

I’ll keep posting to my Lorn Pearson Trains blog and Facebook page, but I’ll stop the daily checking my personal Facebook to see what’s happening. Live in the moment a bit more.

I’ll work on limiting and hopefully disconnecting from Facebook for the next few weeks. See how I go! I’ll hopefully enjoy the moment more and stop getting annoyed at what done idiots are writing. 😉

Sleep is one I’ve been working on for a while, I’ve been tracking it and aiming to get between 8-9 hours a night. It’s been working… So perhaps not one I need to work on so much, but to keep in mind when I’m on holiday – get plenty rest:

SLEEP – 8-9 hrs each night– Aim for 8-9 hours per night
– Get ready for bed by 9pm.
– In bed by 930pm, asleep by 10pm.
– Wake at 6am (later at weekend).
– Track sleep using Fuelband.

You’ve got to get your sleep to be healthy.

These two will be for when in back from holiday, getting into a routine of exercising and eating,to achieve my goals:

EXERCISE EARLY – 630am x5 days
– Wake at 6am, out of bed by 615am.
– Plan exercise weekly.
– After holiday, work on strength, swimming and running, train for SS6.

You’ll feel great when you exercise early – get it done!

FOOD – eat well
– Prepare food weekly and daily.
– Only eat what you prepare or pick healthy options, and drink plenty water.
– Log food in my fitness pal and track weight / body fat trend.
– Treat once a week if you’ve trained a lot

Fuel your body with nutrients and water, and you don’t need to over indulge.

The detail of my other two microresolutions I’ll keep to myself.

One is about spending more time with Fit Girl and being there for her and present in the moment with her (instead of in Facebook etc!) and the other, I’ll keep to myself.

So for the next fortnight and October I’ll be doing:

1. The Facebook disconnect and

2. Spending more time with Fit Girl, making special memories together and enjoying life together.

I’ll continue to post on my blog, as long as I have access, and will post on my lorn Pearson trains facebook page, but as of today in going to try to switch off a little and disconnect. Let see how it goes. 🙂

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