Conversion: $ to £ = km to M

I’ll start packing for our trip soon, after the gym today we had a nice lunch out, now I’m trying to rest some to hopefully get rid of the bugs I seem to have accumulated. I bought lots of drugs today to help fend it off.

Before we go on holiday I always like to have an idea of how many dollars = how many pounds. We’ve got lots of dollars, so will no doubt, be spending lots, and I usually get a wee table printed out. But this year it looks like I won’t need one.

I was looking at conversion rates and realised that dollars to pounds is almost the same as km to miles lol. There are 10 dollars to about 6.2 miles. Just like in a road race!

There are 1.6 dollars to 1 pound… Just like km to miles!
Or 0.62 pounds to 1 dollar…. Just like miles to km!

I use this kind of mental conversion quite a lot when I’m out running, to see how far I might have to go in time or distance, so as long as I link £s to miles, and $s to km, I’ll be just fine. 🙂

$50 = around £31.
5km or 50km = 3.1M or 31M.



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