Wk37 into Wk38

This week I got back into training, running wise and with a little swim too, but decided strength training would be better left until after my holidays. I didn’t want DOMS before the wedding dance, so gave it a miss.

Here’s what I did last week, getting back into running comfortably:

Sun: 4M run Drummuir
Mon: Rest
Tue: 10M run
Wed: 2000m swim
Thu: 8.5M run to vote
Fri: Rest
Sat: Rest
Sun: Rest

I’m away back up to Inverness this weekend so probably won’t get a run in, but I’ll take my stuff for tomorrow morning anyway. Need to be back down the road for about 2pm though.

And after what’s probably going to be a late and fun night, I might as well give myself a weekend off.

Back to running after only doing it around once a week and my weight has gone up a few pounds, but the more important body fat measurement is still low compared to other weeks. It’s all very much of a muchness anyway but nice to see a graph.

We’ll see how next week goes, then I’ll not be weighing myself on holiday. We tend to do so much on holiday that all the eating and stuff we do don’t really impact us much. In fact the rest usually does us good.

I have one more week at work, then one more Sunday teaching swimming and then we’re away to San Diego.

Here’s my plan for next weeks training:

1 – 22/9 – 1 week before hols
Mon: Swim PM: Run
Tue: Run
Wed: Swim
Thu: Run
Fri: Rest
Sat: Strength + 30 min run
Sun: Rest

🙂 let’s see if I can get up in the mornings to train again?!

Ps: my sleep is good just now (touch wood), 7-9 hours a night – yahoo! I really like to get 8:30if I can.

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