What do people think of you?

Have you ever asked people what they think of you, or been provided with feedback about you by people you know?

Sometimes it’s nice to hear what people think of you, a bit of feedback can go a long way.

It can be a good way to help you to realise who you are, what you’re good at and give you confidence that you’re as super as you maybe hope to be. (Or it can be an opportunity to improve and change to become an improved / super version of you).

Every year at work at the BBC, we go through an appraisal process where we have a discussion and some feedback about how last year went, and discuss and set objectives for the next year.

This year, a few people provided my manager with feedback about me, and I have to say, the contents were very flattering and heart warming indeed.

Here are just a few of the words people used to describe me at my work:

‘Outstanding’ and ‘impressive’, ‘easy to work with’, ‘efficient’ are other words people have used.

The feedback I received and the words used above, really make it all worthwhile and make me very grateful that I seem to have found a job that suits me well and I have such nice people to work with. 🙂

Roll on 2015 for some more fun at work.

My cape is still on and I’m hopefully going to be getting the chance to help and shield many others with it. 🙂

Ps: Someone said that I …

‘instil confidence and calm’?


And she also said,

‘I’d love to have her with me in a crisis!’

Ha ha – you know who you are!

I’m the crazy one – if I’m instilling calm and confidence in you, may dog help you all! Lol. 😉

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