Thumbs up runners

This morning as I was running along the outside of Bellahouston park, at about 7:20am and about 6 miles into my 8.5 mile run… I saw another runner, running in the same direction as me inside the park.

I could tell by the way she was moving that she looked like a pretty new, beginner or cautious runner. And as I ran into the park I noticed she’d stopped to walk for a short bit. Then she started again.

It was going to take me off my route a little, but I decided I’d run towards her, give her a thumbs up and a well done and then get back on my route.

She had her headphones in, and so did I. I took one out, and got her attention and eye contact. I have her a big thumbs up and mouthed / said good effort. She smiled and laughed and said thank you. 🙂 smile beaming from ear to ear.

You see it doesn’t matter how fast or slow anyone goes, it’s getting started and having the motivation to keep going that might change your life, forever. A smile, nod, wave or thumbs up can help others to be motivated and enthused to keep going and remind them to enjoy themselves and if how well they’re doing.

After I gave her the encouraging thumbs up, I turned around and ran back to my route and in front of her. I remembered me just starting out. Sticking to running on the treadmill at first, before I found the joy and fun of running adventures outside.

Now I’m 2 stone lighter, and able to run as far as I want. Running is a big part of who I am and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I just wish more people would find and enjoy running the way I’ve found and enjoy it too. 🙂

So next time you see a beginner runner, or a runner who’s struggling or grimacing, why don’t you give them the thumbs up, give them a smile or a high five. You might find they like and remember it. 🙂

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