Wk36 into Wk37

Last week was another strange one for me. I managed to get out of bed early for a few early training sessions, 3 runs, a swim, a walking day and a couple of rest days.

Mon: 5M walk
Tue: 5.4M run
Wed: 2000m swim
Thu: 9M run
Fri: Rest & Travel
Sat: Rest & Wedding!
Sun: 4M run

Thursday was a good day, when an intended 4 mile run turned into 6 miles, then 9 miles. 🙂 felt good during it and after it. The swim on Wednesday was good too, although I was dehydrated and had sore legs and shoulders after it.

This week I’m kind of filled with excitement when I’m in work (all of the activity and set up in a ‘The Street’ at BBC Scotland is very impressive. But if I’m honest I’m fed up with all the posts and opinions, reporting, bad feeling, bad behaviour and stupid comments. I just want this thing (the Referendum) over and done with. So roll on Friday, whatever the result.

Yes No Maybe. Reasons to vote yes / be independent – reasons to go no / stay together.

My best friend out it a good way, either way it goes, we’ll be ok. But one thing which won’t be good is that almost half of the Scottish population won’t be happy with the result, whatever it is. :-S I know what I’m voting but I don’t need to blog or post about it. So I’ll shut up now. Lol

Anyway, back to this week. We have two weeks, or 14 days to be precise, before we fly out to San Diego and I can’t wait!

Now that I’m back to being back to health (viral infection gone) here’s the plan:

2 – 15/9 – Inv on Sat (dance)
Mon: Rest
Tue: Run PM: Strength
Wed: Swim (PM: Admin)
Thu: AM: Strength + 30 min run
Fri: Run
Sat: Travel Inverness dance
Sun: Rest

1 – 22/9 – 1 week before hols
Mon: Swim PM: Run
Tue: Run
Wed: Swim
Thu: AM: Strength + 30 min run
Fri: Run
Sat: Strength + 30 min run
Sun: Rest

0 – 29/9 – Holiday!

It’s good to have a plan so I have something to try to stick to.

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