Wk35 into Wk36

This last week has been a bit of a cop out training wise again. 😦 I think I managed one run, where my heart rate was away up after having been sick for this my fourth week.

I was very busy at work last week which kind of took over and my food has been really good, so really, as much as I’ve not been exercising, ive compensated for that in other parts if my life.

It’s gone full circle and not my cough seems to be more or less gone, but I’m sometimes waking up with a sore throat. A bit like last week, I think it’s on it’s way out. But who can be sure. Hopefully it is this time.

3 weeks to our holiday and 1 week to being bridesmaid, and hopefully I’ll do the following next week:

I’ll do a run on Thursday with gill instead of the strength though.

Last night we were out for my friends’ hen night. In a cocktail bar in town. There weren’t many of us but we were having fun. Not the rowdy bunch, but nice and relaxed having a good time. We (just me and the bride to be) had bunny ears which lit up.

And the bar manager took offence to them when we came in at 8pm. First he asked us to take them off. Then, when we put them back on he mumbled ‘you’re pushing your luck’ as he passed us. Then he went outside and asked the bouncer to come in and have a word. Lol.

Spoil sport. We spent the whole night being scared of having fun. Jobs worth.

I say to him:

“Life is not that serious. Let’s take humour more seriously.”

Now I have to drive 170 miles home to get there for one PM. Thank god I wasn’t drinking (even though it kinda feels like I was). :-/

Edinburgh tomorrow with work, then strength and run on Tuesday fingers crossed.

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