Back to eggs for breakfast

A few months ago I decided to replace my usual eggs, berries and oatcake breakfast with berries, Greek yoghurt, My Protein ‘Total Breakfast’ mix and an oatcake.

The other day I ran out of berries, so had scrambled eggs, cooked with half a mashed banana and some berries.

Add a base of cherry tomatoes, or strawberries (strawberries today), add a wee bit of geek yoghurt, then put the cooked scrambled egg, banana and berries on top. Finally crowning with a crumbled oatcake. 🙂

And serving with a latte (as it’s the weekend and I trained today, lattes are a wee treat for the weekend) a multi vitamin and some omega 3 / fish oil capsules.

I think I’ll go back to my egg concoction breakfast again, and maybe have my berries and total breakfast as a wee snack instead. 🙂

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