Getting there…

The plan this week was to slowly ease back into training, but it hasn’t happened. 😦 This will be my third week of being ill, and whilst it’s not the end of the world not to be training, it’d be nice to be back to my old self again and able to go out and beast it or just get up and enjoy an easy run.

On Monday morning I did a hills coaching session with one of my super girls. Actually doing it was fine, even though I stepped off the gas a few times: 45 mins of 4 x 3 hills it was. But afterwards, the day after, I rather embarrassingly had sore glutes, the top of my glutes?!

Ha ha. I just haven’t been exercising as much lately, so a little touch of soreness is the shock I get for that.

This bug or viral infection or whatever it is, is making me put my feet up, and perhaps that’s a good thing. To give my body a rest.

In the last three weeks since mid August I’ve done:

Wc11 Aug (sickness):
2 runs, 1 strength, a cool down run and the 10 mile John Lucas Relay (where I pushed it a little more than I should have perhaps.)

Wc18 Aug (sore throat / cough):
A run to the gym and back, Metafit, a nice walk, and some more walking through out the week.

Wc25 Aug (cough / lack of sleep):
1 coaching run and plenty of walking.

I know I need to recover and get better, but there’s this little voice in my head telling me I should get back to training, go out for that run, get back to normal. But the sensible voice replied saying I need more time out and another wee lie in and day of rest will do no harm.

The cough is one of those annoying tickly ones that sounds a bit like I’m laughing when I try to hold it in. :-/ I can’t wait til I don’t have it any more.

Wednesday was quite good as I just went for a nice 20 minute walk in the sun (plus my usual 10 min walk to work) before work. I got my sun days and exercise for the day and started the day well. 🙂

On top of the cough which I think seems to be clearing up (fingers crossed) my sleep hasn’t been too great again. It’s been ok, but a few nights where the cough has disturbed me.

So instead of focussing on exercising, I’m going to focus on eating well, getting better and getting plenty of sleep and relaxing time instead this weekend. And I’ll see how things are next week. Let’s kick this strange bug into orbit. 🙂

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