John Lucas 50 Memorial Relay

This morning I was up early to drive to Strathaven for run the first part of the John Lucas 50 mile Memorial Relay. My bit was 10.5 miles – very windy, wind in your face for the first 8 miles or so.

The run started at 9 and I met Janice, Janette, Julia and Joanne before it. I can’t help but think I should have been called Jorn for the day or something. 😉 Dolly Mixtures was our team name, I guess because we’re such a mixed bag of runners.

I don’t have many pictures just yet, but left at 9. Overall my part was pretty hilly, but it was the wind that was the battle of the day. It was meant to be raining too, but it wasn’t too bad for me.

I’d aimed to try to keep my heart rate at around 150 most of the way, which might see me get in around 1:30 or 1:40, but the wind in the face thing seemed to make me work harder.

At around 4 miles a nice man called John (who was a Strathaven Strider) – he started to run with me from about mile 4. I made a crap joke about wondering why they had windmills up here, and after that we stuck together.

When I’d been running on my own I’d managed to keep my heart rate kind of below 160-165, but with him it was creeping up to 171 ish. The chat was worth it though, and the miles flew in.

He told me the story about how the race started… John Lucas was a guy who lived in London but ran with the Strathaven Striders and paid his club subscription every year – Often coming up to run with the club. One year a guy from the club was going to run the London marathon, which John Lucas did every year.

Someone from the club said to the guy ‘watch out for John Lucas’ and the guy said, ‘how will I see and recognise him in around 40,000 runners?’ John Lucas ran the London marathon every year in a pink fairy outfit.

So the day came, and the guy went to the start line with his Strathaven striders vest on. He found himself next to a guy in a pink fairy outfit and asked ‘are you John Lucas by any chance?’ Recognising he Strathaven vest, they got chatting before the race.

Then a short time into the marathon, John Lucas, a very experienced and ultra runner, who ran nearly every day, collapsed and died. Hence the memorial race.

That’s about it from me. Thanks for the wind today Strathaven striders. In your face until mile 8 then weeeee downhill and at your back for the last 2.5 miles. 😉 maybe could have done with some more water on the course, especially at the checkpoints. Other than that – a good run and a good chat with a nice guy called john.

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