Busy busy busy

This week has been pretty busy for me, not so much as in meeting people or training, but with things I need / needed to do. That’s on top of training as I’ve been taking it easy due to this bug or whatever it was.

– My tenants are leaving (early!) so I need to advertise and sort my flat ( http://www.rentaflatinglasgow.com ). They’re moving to Aberdeen for a job and cut their lease short. Good news is I put it on Gumtree last night and got 3 queries. Phew, hopefully a good sign. If you know anyone who wants to rent a nice flat close to city centre they can contact me via the link above.

– I’m sorting my friends hen night for the 6th September. I need to finalise it all this week. Phone calls and emails to do!

– I’ve made a rather big and life changing decision (for the better) and have written quite a long letter, it’ll all become apparent soon. I know I’ve made the right decision, but caring old me, it’s taken quite a bit of thought to get here.

– Swimming lessons to sort for Sunday.

– Driving licence to renew and send off.

– Now I have the next month or so ahead of me: dress fitting, shoes to get, this weekend 17th a 10 mile relay run, then next weekend 23rd a long weekend (thu-mon), then an empty weekend 30th hopefully, then hen night on 6th Sept in Inverness, Wedding 13th September away, 20th September wedding reception near Inverness! Then we’re away on holiday to San Diego… Eeeek!

All of that and I’ve not been feeling great and my sleep is a little off too. I feel like I’m getting back to normal (not feeling sick anymore) but it’ll be good to get back to feeling normal anyway. Heart rate good – resting at 44 this morning. 🙂

I’m in Edinburgh on Friday of this week with work, then next week it’s a three day week, Thursday and Friday off which I’m looking forward to and off Monday too.

Run tonight with Fit Girl, and I’ll see how I feel. Then I’ll hopefully sort the swimming lessons after the run, it won’t take long.

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