I need of a kick up the…

This week has been a bit strange for me… off the back of a recovery week with not much exercise, I wanted to get back into training this week. My sleep hasn’t been quite right and it’s affecting my training.

My plan was:

Mon: Strength
Tue: Run
Wed: Swim or Strength
Thu: Run
Fri: Strength
Sat: Run
Sun: Rest

But right away that was put out as I decided I’d do a short run and on Sunday before the week started and decided I’d start Monday with an easy hour run.

Tuesday morning for some reason I was knackered so I decided to sleep til 730am instead of getting up for strength training. Rest day thank you very much.

Wednesday, 33 mins of hard strength work and a restless night meant I would only get about 5 hours sleep if I went for a run early on Thursday.

So Thursday I had a rest day with some coaching at night. And I’m still sore DOMS from strength on Wednesday.

I need to:
– Get to bed earlier and get at least 8 hrs sleep a night (10pm-6am, or even earlier to bed!)
– Get back into regular morning training.
– Get myself a plan for this week and next:

Mon: 7M Run
Tue: Rest
Wed: Squat Strength
Thu: Rest
Fri: Deadlift Strength + 30 min run
Sat: Long run
Sun: Rest

Mon: Squat Strength
Tue: 4M run
Wed: Deadlift Strength + 30 min run
Thu: 5M run
Fri: Swim (or rest)
Sat: Rest
Sun: 10M Relay run

Without a plan I cop out too easily, with a plan I try to stick to it or compromise based on how I’m feeling. So tomorrow it is Deadlift strength and a wee 30 min run before breakfast.

And I’ll buy berries on the way home for breakfast! Got to keep my super strength challenge in mind! 7 weeks to my holidays!

Ps: I’m off to bed!

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