Closing Ceremony CWG 2014



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Last night’s closing ceremony was amazing.  🙂  We started the day with a run to George Square so we could pick up our tickets:




After we got our tickets, we went home for breakfast and a wee nap, then went to Shawlands for a late lunch.


We ended up being about 28 rows back from the front – and the view was great.  Well worth it.  🙂  As the night went on… the spectacle rolled out before our eyes.

There are some pictures above of the night and here are some videos I took…

Big shout out to my running bud Gill who was chosen by Glasgow Life to represent them… I felt well proud when she walked out.

And to Jane from my work, who was one of the three backing singers. 🙂

my favourite bit was Kylie and her Beautiful song.  The glitter balls and the sparkles were lovely.

Caledonia and the last song was pretty good too. 🙂

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