Wk28 into Wk29

Today is the calm after the storm. It really did rain heavily yesterday, but I avoid most of it with a nap! I’m really liking catching up with my sleep at the weekends.

Friday and Saturday night this week I got 9:30 sleep, plus a wee 1:30 nap on Saturday, and another wee hour on Sunday too! I must be needing it.

This last week I’ve been playing with exercise a bit. I had planned to do two strength sessions, but exercising with an injured Fit Girl (walking and running latterly) seemed more important.

Here’s what I did this last week:

Mon: 4.25M run coaching
Tue AM: 6.7M run wi Eileen
PM: 40 minute walk wi FG
Wed AM: 40 min run coaching
PM: 6.5M run wi FG + cool down walk
Thu: Rest & 1:30 walk coaching session
Fri: 40 min strength training + 1km run
Sat: Rest and gave blood
Sun: Rest and 3M walk

So plenty of walking (incl 1 coaching session), and 3-4 runs including 2 coaching sessions. A wee strength session and a pint less of blood.

I was a bit tired and sore today. Achy arms for some reason (bent over row probably) and just a bit tired overall. Losing a pint of blood can do that to you, you see. Luckily I haven’t been too sore with strength training, building it up gently.

Next week I plan to pick up my strength training a bit more and, fingers crossed I hope to do three sessions and a bit of running. I’m going to try Lift It at the Gorbals on Tuesday night wi Fit Girl.

I might just do two sessions a day, and I’ll post my strength workout and how I’ve got on so far, soon:

Mon: AM Run, PM Strength
Tue: AM Run coach, PM Lift It Strength at the Gorbals
Wed: AM Run
Thu: AM Strength
Fri: Rest and travel
Sat: Thunder Run 24
Sun: Recover and travel

I haven’t really mentioned the thunder run 24 have I? Eileen at work asked me if I’d be a substitute for someone who dropped out, and I jumped at the chance, then found out the team is called ‘Reluctant Runners’.

The idea of it is that it’s a 10k loop, and there’s 8 team members. One of whom has to be on the course at all times during a 24 hour period.

It starts at 12 on Saturday and goes right through to 12 on the Sunday. I must remember my head torch. I might do 3 laps or perhaps 4, 5 or 6 depending in just how ‘reluctant’ my running buddies are!

So that’ll happen on Saturday and we’ll travel down on Friday night. Iggle Piggle might come on the journey I think. Crazy team mascot.

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