Happy Challenge Day 1

All of my happy things today happened early on, before the rain came. I’ve been challenged to write about what makes me happy (and to not mention exercise!).

3 things that made me happy today:

1. Watching the birdies eating their breakfast as I ate mine with a nice coffee after a 9.5 hour sleep. 😀

2. Going into town on the subway with Fit Girl and seeing my first volunteer of the day (and seeing 13 volunteers in total)… then sitting in Starbucks on Buchanan St watching the world go by and having a nice latte and berry compote (the place I met FG for one of our very first dates years ago!)

3. Giving my 25th pint of blood and getting my silver award badge along with the complimentary / obligatory tunnocks tea cake before going out for a tasty lunch with FG… then having a good nap as it rained later on.

Plenty of reasons to be happy. 🙂 I have a feeling this might be an easy challenge for me. 😉

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