Wk27 – 14M incl my first Parkrun!

I woke up at about 7am this morning. My legs a little stuff from strength training yesterday, I was tired and trying to come up with excuses not to do my planned 13.1 miles. I had a route planned out, but I had a feeling that I wouldn’t be doing it today.

I managed to get up, and had decided that I’d run around 8 miles and if I felt good, I’d try for more. I thought even if I just got up and out, no pressure, just run. I ended up running an adventure – a totally made up route – with a bit of chat and socialising, then running until I was finished. 🙂

I was busy telling someone yesterday, if I run longer than an hour and a half I tend to take water and energy with me. But as I didn’t know exactly how far I’d be going, I had a good quick breakfast of porridge and a banana, with a black coffee too. I was out the door by 8:20am.

I started an 8 mile route I knew, and before I knew it I was 4-5 miles in. Coming into Pollok park, I was 6 miles in when I realised it was about 9:15… and Parkrun was about to start. Good stuff I thought.

In all my years of running I’ve never done or registered for a Parkrun. They started when I started doing my Saturday long runs for my marathons, and I’ve just never tried them. But I’ve heard they’re great.

I knew my colleague and running buddy Eileen and a bunch of people she knew would be running today, so I thought what better way to spend a morning that a wee Parkrun wi Eileen sandwiched in between a two runs to make a long run.

We ended up having a really good run together, and even ran the last half with Roy Walker… (or someone who looked a hell of a lot like him!!) lol

I turned up and saw Eileen right away. I met a few of the people we’re doing the 24 hour Thunder Run with at the end of July, which was nice. Then we started. A nice steady run with a fast sprint finish, which took me up to 14 miles in just under 2 hours.

All of my self doubt and excuses had melted away, and I did it in 17’C muggy heat. All done before 11am, and before the rain came. It’s dedicatedly on it’s way!

Back home now for a shower, plenty of water, a chocolate milkshake and a big breakfast of berries and Greek yoghurt to refuel me and keep me going for a weekend with the in laws. 🙂

Here’s my route and splits etc:

Avg HR 151. Nice n comfy.

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