25 days in…

In the last month or so, inspired by Gordon at Kaizen Active, I decided I’d try to focus on eating healthy and exercising, whilst tracking my weight and body fat (perhaps a little more frequently than I’d like to – once a day!) – I wanted to see if I could reduce my weight / body fat over a set period:

Action 1 + Action 2 = Result

Food + Activity = Fat loss

Gordon (see www.kaizenactive.co.uk) recently focused on eating well, and being active whilst tracking his weight daily and lost something like 8lbs and a good amount of body fat in about 40 odd days / 6 weeks

He used weighing himself daily as a measure to see if his eating and activity were on track, and did really well. I guess, as a very good personal trainer you’d expect Gordon to know exactly what to do to get weight and fat loss – and he did.

So here goes my attempt:

What I did
– I changed a few regular food intakes : I swapped eggs at breakfast to berries and Greek yoghurt.
: I drank more recovery calories via protein shakes.
: I ate less chocolate and pudding.
– I listened to my stomach, I thought about when I was full and stopped eating.
– I read ‘Great day in the office’ and ‘Why we get fat and what to do about it’ and ‘Burn the fat feed the muscle’.
– I consciously made an effort to drink more water.
– not so good – I had to work away for a few days and as a result my food choices weren’t as good as they could have been.
– For the last fortnight, I’ve not been as strict with what I eat – chocolate has slipped back in (because I’ve earned it / runner mentality) and I’ve probably been eating too much.
– I also had my birthday, so I allowed myself to take advantage a bit and lessened my focus on eating and being active to burn fat (although I did walk a lot and run too).

– I consciously made an effort to strength train twice a week – one weights session, one bodyweight/circuit session.
– I ran further and more frequently.
– If I had a rest day I tried to walk lots.
– not so good – I felt a little like I was off track / unfocused with my training sometimes, like I’d forgotten what my goal was. Life took over (funeral, work etc) and focus was taken away from my goal (which is ok).

Weight tracking:
I’ve been tracking my weight on my Withings wifi scales. I’m not convinced that the body fat % reading is correct (at around 24-26%, when other scales have said in between 18-21%) – but it’s the same measurement, so I can see any changes, which is what I’m after (not if the % is correct or not).

The withings wifi scales are cool though – you step on them, they show your readings then they magically send your readings to the internet and your my withings account / app.

Here’s my results:

18/6 – 128.5 26.5%
= 34lbs fat / 94.5lbs lbm

12/7 – 127.3 24.7%
= 31.4lbs fat / 95.8lbs lbm

Outcome so far (25 days)
= -1.2lbs weight / -2.6lbs fat / +1.3lbs lbm

The weight graph isn’t too impressive, with an overall downwards trend, it shows that in 4 weeks I’ve lost just over 1lb in weight. …

…but it’s the body fat that I’m really interested in… 😀 a clear downward trend.

In 25 days I’ve lost-2.6lbs fat and gained +1.3lbs lbm (lean body mass). I must admit, I don’t feel all that much different, but I know eating better and doing strength training is benefitting me, so I’m going to stick with it.

Now the plan in July into August is to get more focused:

– Keep doing the good things I’ve been doing.
– Focus on eating well, and not too much.
– No desserts, maybe a bit of ice cream if I’ve exercised that day, but no chocolate.
– Reduce / Limit food / carbs on rest days.

– Keep doing the good things I’ve been doing.
– Keep my goal of reducing body fat in my mind.
– Make strength training and being active a priority.

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