First time for everything

Tonight I had a thing happen to me for the first time. In over 6 years of running, I’ve never lost a toe nail (don’t worry, there won’t be any horrible pictures of it) – and tonight I did!

Almost 4 weeks after the Skye half marathon (where I pb’d by 12 secs)… my toenail on my right foot (the second toe, next to the big toe) has come off!

After the half I noticed that my toe was sore. My toe nail was a wee bit long and had, I guess, been rubbing against my shoe for 13.1 miles. Then it went black and seemed to recover.

Until tonight when I realised it wasn’t really attached any more! Sort of yuk, but not I don’t have a black toenail! So yay! (Glad it’s not sore).

Have you lost any toenails after running?

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