Pomodoros and a cool time management app

Do you often get distracted at work? Millions of things to do, loads of emails and not sure where to start. You try to do too much at once and then more emails, messages and phone calls distract you. Before you know it you’re drowning in your work and you’ve done nothing all day?

Sound familiar? It was for me maybe 6 months gap, but I now have a category system in my emails. I manage my emails instead of having them manage me. And I write a to do list daily based on my work loads. I have three ‘Most Important Tasks’ or MITs, which I am to complete within the day, one is usually emails, the other two are important tasks I need to get done that day. I then note other tasks I need to do and get them done too.

But I still get distracted sometimes. This is where the pomodoro technique comes in handily.

The idea is you time 25 minutes to focus on completing a task (or group of tasks) then take a 5 minute break. You can use the 5 minutes to allow your focus to wander, or to take a water, food or walk break. You can use it simply to do something different. Then you go back into 25 minutes of focus on work. One of these is called a pomodoro. After every 4 pomodoros you take 20-30 minute break.

And here’s a good app to help you do it. The 30/30 app. It’s free, simple, nice looking and very easy to use. Put it on your iPhone or iPad and set up the timings, including a couple of 20 minute breaks and a lunch break.

Then when you get into work, do your to do list, plan what you’ll do today and start the timer. 🙂

I’m thinking it might look a bit odd, but it’s a great way to keep focus and get lots done. Technology is cool.

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