A very real dream…

Just woke from a very real and strange dream:

I was in Glasgow, playing on my phone.
It was an October morning and it was nasty weather outside.

I was online watching a very high quality live cam which was in Wick, looking at the harbour: the two jettys which lead into wick river.
The waves were massive and crashing off the jetties – I was watching it for ages (pleasantly being reminded of childhoods sitting inside in winter watching the waves crash in.)

Then all of a sudden I saw a (stupid) man and woman holding hands and walking their golden Labrador, walking along the jetty, getting blown about and soaked with sea spray!
The wind took the woman, then the dog, then the man and lifted them up into the sea! :-O

Boom. Just like that! Gone.

I was so helpless and couldn’t believe my eyes.
Had this really just happened? It had!

I called the emergency services / coast guard and got through to a trainee in a centralised team in a call centre somewhere.
I told her what had happened and said they needed to get a helicopter out – She said one would be our by 6pm.

I thought, it’ll be dark by 6pm and they’ll be god knows where by then.
I text my brother and sister in law (in wick) to let them know, see if they could do anything.

…then I woke up!

The mind is a wonderful thing!

Now, back to sleep for some more! Zzzzzzzzzz! 😉

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