16 ways to focus on nutrition

Focus on nutrition 🙂

1 – Treat your body like your baby, you wouldn’t feed your baby crappy unhealthy foods (and drink) so keep them out of your own body and mouth too.

2 – If you want to be healthy and fit, or if you want to be sick and fat – the choice is yours.

3 – Make eating healthy and drinking plenty water and green tea into a habit. Carry a water bottle with you, have green tea after dinner (instead of a habitual pudding).

4 – Eat (and drink) for nutrition: fuel your body. Eat colourful foods and watch portion sizes (use small plates).

5 – Think of unhealthy foods and drinks as poison. They’ll make you sick, fat and unhappy.

6 – Be careful about, and realise when you’re full (stop eating when you’re about 90% full).

7 – Do a daily or weekly food plan of the regular foods you’ll have for:
– breakfast: berries, low fat Greek yoghurt, flaked almonds, black coffee, water.
– lunch: chicken / tuna / egg salad with lots of your favourite foods in it.
– snacks: 2 (or 3 on exercise days), choose healthy. (Fruit only on exercise days, after exercise).
– dinner: prepared before hand, meat n veg, bologna use, chicken curry with veg (hold the bread).
– how much water you’ll aim to drink.
(If it helps write a list of healthy foods you’ll eat / buy and a list of foods you shouldn’t touch with a barge pole).

8 – Avoid sugars, pastas, bread, high Gi carbs, fizzy drinks, fruit juice – why? Because they send your insulin high, force your body to store fat and prevent it from burning fat. Any excess calories you eat, will go to your fat cells after eating the above.

9 – If you’re going to have something sugary / a treat have it right after lunch or dinner, when your insulin / blood sugars are high anyway.

10 – (If you want to and it helps) track all food and exercise using My Fitness Pal. Add friends for encouragement or challenge, use it as a game – exercise allows you to eat more calories (try and choose good calories).

11 – Set yourself positive goals, what you will do:
ie – If you want to lose weight:
(Don’t focus on losing weight, focus on what action you can take which will result in your desired outcome) = Goal: Eat healthily and exercise / be active daily (to result in health and weight loss) – turn it into a habit or way of life.

12 – Track your progress using an app / chart in excel, and use technology (wifi / withings) to make it automatic if possible. Weigh yourself no more than once a week – focus on body fat reduction as opposed to lbs.

13 – Download and read: Kaizen Active’s Ultimate Fat loss Guide:
http://www.kaizenactive.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/kaizen-active-ultimate-fat-loss-guide-may-2014.pdf (see more about kaizen active here: www.kaizenactive.co.uk: nice guys, who know their stuff and are keen to help).

15 – Take action: do! Stop thinking, reading, writing about it. Start the rest of your life today! Set goals, and achieve great things.

16 – If you want to learn more, Read:
1. Good day at the office, by Dr John Briffa
2. Why we’re fat and what to do about it, by Gary Taubes
3. Calorie Myth, by Jonathan Bailor.

What not to do, don’t:
– Diet, diets don’t work.
– Restrict or limit yourself too much.
– Change too much at once.

Last thing:
People call me ‘fit’ and ‘healthy’ all the time. Putting me on a pedestal, thinking they can’t do what I can. Asking me how I ‘find the time to be active and exercise’ or how I ‘fit it all in’.

But they can, and you can. You can choose to make the decisions to become ‘fit’ and ‘healthy’ and ‘active’ too.

I choose to get up early to exercise, as it’s the best time for me to fit it in. I choose to eat well, as I know it makes me healthy. I also choose to rest and have social and fun time as I know it’s good for my overall health.

This is your life, your lifetime, you last forever and it’s important that you take care of yourself. It’s your choice, you either do it or you don’t.

What are you going to do?

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  1. Ally says:

    Very interesting and so true. What’s my fitness pal is it an app. I’ll go and check

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