I’m scared…

I’m scared… I’m scared of being sore!

Like a drinker who’s scared of the next day hangover.

Or a runner who races, who’s scared of next day DOMS and even worse, day 2 DOMS.

I’m scared of the after effects of strength training! I’ve not done it for so long, I’ll need to ease myself in.

I have a plan, and the plan is to ease in gently with bodyweight work once a week, and then light weights once a week it I feel ok. And progress from there, 1-2 strength sessions a week to complement my runs and swims.

I did a good quick mostly bodyweight circuit on Sunday after our run:

12 minutes of:
KB swing
Quick Squat (no weight)
Press up / KB Row

And two days later my hamstrings and chest are still feeling it a little. They were achy yesterday, and a little sore today, but on the mend.

So tomorrow’s plan, is to do the top circuit above before I travel to Inverness:

4 exercises.
3 sets of 6 reps of each exercise.
Focussing on lowering the weight slow: eccentric.

Then depending on how long that takes, I’ll go a wee run.

Maybe I’ll lower the Deadlift weight in fact! (Ease myself in!)

I’ll see you, Squat Bar, at 630am tomorrow morning!! 😉 Cape will be ON!

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