…Cos I’m happy…

I feel pretty lucky and happy today.
Even with an almost 11 hour shift at work, then another hour meeting a new person I’m going to coach and help. Lucky lucky happy happy. 🙂 settled and balanced.

I went for a good 5 mile run with Gill before work, then I spent the day helping recruit our local apprentice for Radio Scotland (and tried to do / did my day job in the background).

New shorts, matching top, magic Garmin, nice weather, good chat before work. 😉

After my 8 and a bit miles yesterday and my 5 miles today, my legs are a bit achy. But I’m still good.

After work today, I met my new ‘Super Human’ I’m going to help and coach from July onwards. We got on well and I’m really looking forward to helping her. 🙂

I have a wee run coaching session tomorrow with Super Wonder Woman, then a day of work, then I’m off up to Aberdeen for a special day to remember a special lady on Friday.

I came in tonight after being out of the house for nearly 12 hours, and this was waiting on me (plus Asda and Jasper 😉 ). Tasty chicken stir fry and salad. Just what I need to help me through/keep my fuelled.

My Food has been good this week, nice and balanced. 🙂

I’ve changed my breakfast (see below), and drinking plenty water, eating nuts as snacks and avoiding mars bars and sugar successfully. 🙂

So far this weeks exercise has been / will be:

Mon: Rest (walking)
Tue: 8.3M run
Wed: 5M run (plus coaching chat)
Thu: 5k running coaching
Fri: Rest (or run)
Sat: Long Run wi Fit Girl
Sun: Rest

How did your day go? Are you happy too?

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1 Response to …Cos I’m happy…

  1. zanderbeggs says:

    You know what cheered me up?
    Reading your blog 🙂 and realizing that I’m not alone in getting stiff legs after a few runs.
    I ran 17.4 miles with my dog on Monday on a route which includes quite a few hills in the first 10 miles, proceeded to relax ready to have our BBQ when it was decided that we were going to bale the hay and bring it in before the rain that was forecast for Tuesday arrived. So it wasn’t until 11 pm that I got to my bed with aching shoulders. On Tuesday morning I got up and no stiff legs or shoulders, so while my wife was at physiotherapy I took my other dog round Eglinton Park in Irvine for an easy 4.11 miles. Only to wake up Wednesday morning with slightly stiff legs!! Go figure 🙂

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